Your home is where you created the ideal atmosphere for your children to grow. We at HomeAideLLC believe that providing the BEST care for your children in their own homes will channel the stability and assurance they deserve whether they’re in your care, or ours.

In Home Care

We know how important a stable environment is for your children. Our in-home childcare service ensures your children are living happily and comfortably in the safety and security of their own homes.

Light Housekeeping

Keeping a house tidy is very hard work. We will happily clean up after your little one to help you maintain an orderly living space while in your home. After all, it is your home and your time.


Getting your children where they need to be on a daily basis is a task in and of itself. Keeping children active is very important and we recognize how important it is to get them there safely.

Accompaniment to Activities

Having someone support your children when you’re not able to be there will your ease your mind. Providing them with a familiar face will build their confidence & allow then to perform at their best.

Allergy Care

When it comes to allergies, the proper care and monitoring can make all the difference. Making sure children are comfortable and have the best coping tools is our top priority.

Engaging Activities

Creating fun and engaging activities for children will help mold their imaginations and form future cognitive skills. Organizing fun & challenging games will ensure their minds stay active.

Meal Preparation

Proper nutrition is one of the most vital practices you can teach your children. We support good health & complete nutriment at all times. This is easy especially when you make it fun!

Infant Care

Having a baby is the most rewarding experience one can have in life. Finding someone who you trust with your baby is a challenging process. We only provide the best for you & your family.


Toileting is a very important milestone in a toddlers life and requires mindful assistance. It requires a set routine to achieve success and our caregivers know constancy is key.

Special Needs

At HomeAideLLC, we understand that those with special needs deserve the best, most delicate care possible. For most families, finding a special needs caregiver is very challenging, and that is why we provide caregivers with elaborate caregiving strategies for the most sensitive individuals. Patience, strength, and responsibility are traits we encompass when caring for our special needs clients. Ensuring that our caregivers are the perfect match for you and your family is something we strive for.

First Aid Certified

Being First Aid Certified is a must for all of our child caregivers. All child caregivers are CPR & First Aid Certified which includes learning how to respond to first aid, breathing and cardiac emergencies. Within this certification course they learn how to quickly & efficiently respond in all emergency situations.

Red Cross Certified

Each child caregiver is required to take and pass The American Red Cross Advanced Child Care Training course. There they learn leadership, child behavior & discipline, professionalism, safety, basic childcare (bottle feeding, holding, etc.) There they earn a certification and gain the confidence to provide the best care for all children.

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